About Us

Pieces on Paper 

As students, we both wanted affordable, minimalistic and meaningful pieces for
our bare white walls. Failing to find anything we liked, we dreamt of making prints with inspiring quotes on them to put on our walls and to share with others. 

A few years later, we found ourselves suffering from a severe case of wanderlust and a fear of settling down and getting corporate jobs. So we packed up our stuff and set off on an adventure around the world while working remotely from our laptops.

Our trip took us through 18 countries and was the best thing we ever did. Even though we loved our life on the road, we started to feel a rootlessness growing inside us.

But instead of returning back to Denmark, we decided to follow a life-long dream of ours and moved to America.  And here we are, finding our way back to that one idea of a print company we had many years ago, finally ready to make it happen and bring it to life.

After our years of traveling, we've learned how important our home, heritage and favorite spots are to us. And that's the feeling we want to create with our prints. Our prints are hand-drawn using an electronic pencil and are made for you to show your personality through the pieces on your wall.

Thank you so much for stopping by our store.