About our products


How are your designs made? 

Our designs are all made in-house by our Creative Director, Celia Schow. She has a life-long fascination with maps and draws every design by hand using an electronic pen. Inspired by her Danish roots, she has a very minimalistic style. Each design takes between 5-9 hours to complete and go through many revisions before they're sent to print. 


How are your designs printed? 

Once Celia is happy with the design, she sends it to our local super-star printers located in DTLA. Our designs are printed in small batches on thick, high-quality paper using environmentally friendly inks. 

Right after picking up our prints, they're packaged into cellophane bags that keep the prints safe from scratches, dust or other damages and to guarantee that they look amazing once they reach you! 


I have an idea for a print, do you do custom designs? 

Because of the design process where Celia draws every map by hand, we're not able to provide custom designs in large quantities. However, we're looking to create every neighborhood in SoCal, so if you don't see your hood (and you live in SoCal), you can request your neighborhood and Celia will make it and put in online for others to buy as well. All requests can be sent to celia@piecesonpaper.com 


What sizes do your prints come in? 

Currently, our prints only come in 11x17 inches - however, we're looking into making both smaller and larger prints as well, and they'll be added to each print once we have the designs in place for different sizes. 


Can I get a print in a different color? 

We currently offer three different colors: Ivory, Charcoal, and Teal. These colors were chosen by Celia after many long nights staring at her screen and trying different color combinations. 

If you have a different color in mind, you can custom order that for an additional fee of $10. Contact Celia for custom colors at celia@piecesonpaper.com



Shipping & returns


When does my order ship? 

If you order before 2 pm PST on business days, we ship the same day. Orders placed later than 2 pm will be shipped the following business day. 

If a print is not currently in stock, it will ship after 3-4 business days. 


Who do you ship with? 

We ship with USPS. 


When will my order arrive? 

We ship with USPS Priority Mail, which means that your order should arrive in 1-3 business days. Around holidays or in extreme weather conditions your order might take longer to arrive. 


The print was damaged when it arrived, what now? 

We try our hardest to package your print securely so the mailman can't damage it - but in case your print was damaged when it arrived, we'll send you another one right away! Don't hesitate to contact us (and please include a photo or a description of where the damage happened, so we can better our shipping method!) so we can send a new print your way for free. 


I changed my mind - can I return the print? 

Hey, a change of mind happens and we're always happy to take the print back if you changed your mind. Please reach out to Jonas on jonas@piecesonpaper.com 


How do you ship my print? 

We believe that your print should be kept flat and under perfect conditions at all times - therefore we don't just roll up your art in a tube. All of our prints ship in tight cellophane bags, sandwiched between thick cardboard and stuffed in a heavy envelope to make sure it doesn't bend or gets damaged when it leaves our hands. 

That ensures that your print is kept flat at all times and can be put on your wall right away looking pretty even without a frame. 


Can I pick up my order instead? 

If you prefer to pick up your prints yourself, please reach out to us. We're based in Echo Park in Los Angeles, but we're at the Melrose Trading Post in Fairfax every Sunday from 9-5 if you prefer to pick it up yourself! 


I love my print, how can I share? 

YAY - we aim to provide beautiful prints for your home that mean something to you, and we're so happy that you love your print! Please share it with us on our Instagram by tagging us @piecesonpaper!